Support Australia's students

Be the difference for our students. Give today.

A university education improves lives. It leads to better employment, better health outcomes and higher lifetime earnings. It can lift students, their families and their communities out of hardship, and be a driver of personal, social and national change.

At ANU, we believe that anyone admitted should be able to attend independent of their financial means.

By supporting scholarships, you are supporting students with immense potential, regardless of their background
and empowering them to succeed in their study and careers.

Talent is everywhere; opportunity is not. Give scholarships to change lives.

Support Australia's Students: Aled and Arun's Story

Aled Morrow is studying music at ANU, and is the recipient of a scholarship that has changed his life. Alumnus Arun Abey is shaping a better world by supporting scholarships at ANU. This is their story.

Make a positive difference by supporting scholarships that directly benefit students. Inspire the next generation of leaders and change makers, and give to scholarships today.

Support Australia's Students: Sonesh's Story

Sonesh, an Engineering student, aims to use her ANU education to change her future and make the world a better place. This is her story.

"I wouldn’t be here without a scholarship and, like myself, there are many other students out there who have experienced some hardship that has disadvantaged them in getting a tertiary education. Scholarships and student support allow them to reach their full potential and become the new generation of Australia’s leaders".


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